Key Issues


Development Density


We are currently preparing an application based on up to 480 homes on the site (including 40% affordable), which will achieve a net density of approximately 35 dwellings per hectare and this meets local policy expectations of using land efficiently. The development will reflect the character and amenity of the location, address site constraints and provide the necessary infrastructure required to create a high-quality housing environment.




Transport assessments are being carried out so that the impact of the new housing on the local highways can be considered. This includes looking at the impact of the new homes cumulatively alongside the other the sites that form part of Harrogate’s new western urban extension as well as the Bluecoat Park site on its own. 

Homes England is working with Harrogate Borough Council, North Yorkshire County Council and the landowners/promoters of the other identified sites to prepare the West Harrogate Parameters Plan document and associated Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP). These documents will help to set out the infrastructure requirements and mitigation required to accommodate the new housing and how this will be delivered. 


Biodiversity / Nature Conservation


The Bluecoat Field SINC exists within the site boundary and it is proposed to be protected, enhanced and managed as part of the new development. 

The impact of the proposals on biodiversity on-site is being assessed. Habitat and protected species surveys are being carried out to understand the ecological characteristics of the site.  


Surface Water and Drainage


A surface water drainage strategy is being prepared to demonstrate how the proposals will manage surface water quantity and quality, accommodate the Harlow Hill Slack which runs through the site, and reduce the risk of surface water flooding. The site is at low risk from flooding from rivers. 


Noise and Vibration


Noise assessment work is underway and will be submitted alongside the planning application to consider the impact of the existing area on the new housing and vice versa.  
We will also submit a Construction Environmental Management Plan, which will include measures to control construction hours, reduce construction related noise and provide routes for construction vehicles.


Air Quality


Air Quality assessments are underway and will be submitted with the planning application to identify the impact of the development on the existing environment.  

We will also submit a Dust Management Plan to explain how dust emissions will be controlled during the construction phase. 


Landscape and Visual Impact


The site lies within an area identified as a Special Landscape Area, which covers much of the landscape around Harrogate.

The effects of the proposals on the area’s landscape character and visual amenity will be assessed as part of the planning submission. 


Built Heritage


A Heritage Impact Assessment will consider the potential effects of the development on the significance of heritage assets. 

There are no designated heritage assets within the site although there are several heritage assets in the surrounding area, including the RHS Garden of Harlow Carr and Howe House. 



Trial trenching is proposed to take place across the site to investigate the extent and value of any possible buried archaeology that may exist.


Climate Change / Sustainability

Work is currently being undertaken to identify the measures to help minimise energy consumption and carbon emissions that are generated by the proposed housing during their construction and once they are occupied. We propose to identify the most appropriate energy efficient measures and Low Zero Carbon (LZC) technologies that may be suitable for installation at Bluecoat Park to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations and planning policies.

A Travel Plan will be prepared and Home Information Packs will be provided to new residents to encourage travel by sustainable means.


Ground Conditions and Contamination

Site investigations have been undertaken to understand the quality of the ground conditions and any contamination or ground gas that may be present. The houses will be built with radon gas protection measures, if necessary.

The reports identified in these key issues will have to be submitted to the Local Planning Authority as part of this application and therefore will be available for you to comment on. Any mitigation measures that are recommended – and considered necessary by the Local Planning Authority – will be incorporated into the development proposals.